My political journey starts with you and ends with you. There are no “ifs” and “buts”, I’m here to serve you with honesty and persistence, because that’s what a real representative does. He puts himself at the service of his people, for his people. No compromise, no political games, no lies – we have enough of that, it’s time for something different.

Our people need to understand that there is indeed a different type of politician. One that does not only care about himself, one that does not get voted in only to use the power that was given to him by the people in order to enrich himself and those closest to him. I know it’s hard to believe such a thing, especially after the last couple of years, but I’m here to bring back hope. Hope that there still are a lot of good individuals out there, hope that there still is a light at the end of the tunnel for our country.

What do our people need? It might seem like an easy question, but judging by the past, for some It’s really not. But I’ve done my homework fair and square, so I’ll answer the question: our people need not to worry about their future anymore, so we have to ease their worries by making more affordable housing available; our people need better education, so that they can build the future that they want and deserve; our people need jobs, so that they can look after their families with proper care; our people need to be listened to, once and for all.

What is for me is also for you. This should be our creed from now on, as it is based on the fundamental aspect that all of us deserve the same chance, no matter who we are. The same opportunities that were afforded to me should also be afforded to you, and I’ll fight until my last breath to see that happen. We’re in this together, you and me, so let’s show them who we truly are!


Make more affordable housing available to the most needy, young men and young women.

Launch an Improved Education Initiative to provide greater assistance to all students of Sandy Point, Fig Tree and La Valle, and ensure better quality education for all.

Create good paying Jobs and youth programs that bring positive development to Sandy Point.

Build new and Improved sporting facilities so that athletes can excel nationally, regionally and globally.

Develop a Pro – Poor Investment Project to change the quality of life of the poor and ordinary people in Sandy Point, Fig Tree and La Valle.